Asset Management System

Asset Survey Management System will help to organize the Asset, Asset Details, Template, CheckList, Client, Contracts etc. During the Asset Contract Registration, each Asset Contract Registration will have a different start and end date to perform the Survey. The Technician/Engineer will execute the Survey based on the Asset Contract Registration details.

Where Asset Survey Management System will be applicable.

For Below Industries:

  • Fire Mangement System
  • Any Type of Field Service
  • Job Management.
  • Asset Automation.
  • Lift & Elevator Maintenance.

Asset Configuration

Manage the asset based on the category and 4 level down Asset Type, Sub Asset Type.

PPM Planner

Planned Preventative Maintenance or PPM is an approach to fire alarm maintenance that means upkeep is scheduled ahead of time


The asset survey form has information about the asset, location of the asset, etc. There will be multiple Types of Survey which can be assigned during contract registration.

Rescheduling Survey

The Software will support to reschedule the Survey either pre/post dates.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM helps organizations streamline processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.


Add the Contracts under customer/client with different Assets and Asset Survey.

Sub Contracts

Under each Contract there will be multiple Sub-Contracts.


Each standard frequency option corresponds to a specific number of days/weeks/Months. Example: Monthly frequency is exactly 1 month and quarterly frequency is exactly 3 months, based on the Frequency the Survey will be scheduled in one go.

Template & Checklist

Template is nothing is set of Checklist items which is used during the Survey process by User (Technician/Engineer).

Use fire alarm inspection checklist items and schedule them in advance


The survey report is a document whose purpose is to convey the information acquired during the Asset Survey in its whole and objectively. The report includes all of the results that were gathered. The report can be modified based on the requirement.


Software will support the multiple Branches.


A location map allows you to visualize the client's place. Manage the client location during the Contract Registration.


Receive the notification upon Survey process, Alerts etc.

Mobile App

Process the Survey through Android App.

Client App & Portal

Clients call the Emergency-Call-Out, if any error in the Asset.

Approval Process

Admin will have privileges to accept/reject the survey process. Once the admin approves the Survey then Survey report will be visible to to client/customer.


Add goods to the Inventory, create Invoice quickly.


Create Invoice.


Maintain purchase order


Maintain the customer payment and billing.