Our Products/Services

Asset Management System.

Asset Survey Management System will help to organize the Asset, Asset Details, Template, CheckList, Client, Contracts etc. During the Asset Contract Registration, each Asset Contract Registration will have a different start and end date to perform the Survey. The Technician/Engineer will execute the Survey based on the Asset Contract Registration details.

Where Asset Survey Management System will be applicable.

For Below Industries:

  • Fire Mangement System
  • Any Type of Field Service
  • Job Management.
  • Asset Automation.
  • Lift & Elevator Maintenance.

Online Invoicing Software.

INDInvoice Software is a web based application with GST invoice and other templates.

Our Proforma Software is based on the Window application. Which support small scale of business..

Our School Software is support Windows, Web and Mobile for the Mangement and Students as well.

Our SQL DQC is web based tool to check the Data Quality in the MS SQL Server Database.